The Lord said, that when we receive Jesus in our heart. God has fulfill his

word, in Ezekiel the Lord said that he will write the law in our heart and when

the law and word is in our heart, we will be worthy to be called the sons and

daughter of God. Jesus is the word of God. Those who invite him into their

heart, has the word living with them in their heart. We are save by his grace,

mercy and faith. Grace will help us keep the law because it is in our hearts.

Then the lord say no one can come to Almighty God if he did not receive the

word of God which is Jesus Christ. That is why Jesus say I am the Way, the Truth

and the Life. No man comes to the Father except through me. Halleluiah.

Praise God Almighty.

Praise Jesus Christ.

Praise Holy Spirit.


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