The Lord told me that it is not him who wants to leave us it is us who leave

him. The Lord said he is always there, he never change nor did he leave us, he

told me, did not I tell you that I am the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. The

Lord is always faithful eventhough we aren’t. He never leaves us nor he forsake

us. It is we who choose to leave him, by our flesh, action and deeds, but he

remains there and is always there. The Lord also though me to be strong, he said

love is not weakness. Yeshua had so much love and was filled with love and

compassion yet is he not strong, bold, brave and not weak. Did he let anyone

take advantage of him? Did he became self-pity? Did he allowed anyone to dictate

him? No. Because he knows where he come from and where he wants to go. The Lord

said know who you are and where you are going. The Lord also told me to be like


Praise be the name of the Lord.



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