Praise the Lord,

Glory to God,

My heart rejoices and praises The Most High God,

All things are his,

The Most High is mighty and powerful,

The King of eternal glory,

All inhabitants of earth will give glory to God,

The Most High is everlasting,

He reigns forever,

This is the Great Mighty God we have,

We can rely on him for all things,

Thank you Father,

Thank you Jesus Christ,

Thank you Holy Spirit,

Blessed be your name forever,

My heart will sing your praises forever,

Praising you with my breadth,

Praising you the first thing in the morning,

Worshipping you in the afternoon,

Sing songs to you every moment of chance given,

Thanking you at night,

Rejoicing in the wonderful power of yours Abba,

Praise you my King,

Praise you all eternity Abba,

Praise you all eternity Jesus Christ,

Praise you all eternity Holy spirit,

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.


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