The Lord is high above all,

He created both heaven and earth and all things in it,

He is glorious and mighty,

He is mighty and powerful,

The earth shall pass but you are everlasting,

The oceans and mountain rejoice in your presence,

Just by hearing your name the creation of the earth rejoices,

The sun, the moon, the star bow before you,

They obey you and receive you as Lord Jesus,

You were here since the beginning of creation,

You were one united with God,

Your mighty works is seen by many,

But only few understand,

The revelation to this people are hindered,

They choose not to know,

But sooner they will know,

The truth will always be before their eyes,

Soon they will see the glory of God,

It will come as swift as the wind,

As mighty rushing water it will come suddenly,

All eyes will see,

All heart will understand and know that you are King,

You are Lord,

The Holy One,

The Righteous One,


Praise you forever Lord God Almighty.


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